Monday, January 25, 2010

Post 06

Previously …

I got that funny feeling in my tummy, I started getting sweaty and felt like there is no more oxygen in the room. Only moments after I get a text form Sarah <3

Is it true what they say?
You and Saloom are a couple?


“El 7egran yga6e3 el m9ran”

And that’s exactly what I did, that day was when I realized that Sarah was the reason for everything, every good, every bad!

Don’t start judging, No im not blaming her!

Its all me, its all my doing, I take all the blame. But shes the reason .. Just the reason.

Readers, Frequent readers, New readers .. Re-read my blog, like I re-read your comments over and over.

I’m certain none of you understand what I went thru, what I felt. It was painful.

A thousand words cannot describe it, so I cant do that for you!

A reader is someone who reads a story, and puts his/her shoes in the writers place. Do that .. Then comment. And then I just might take your comments into consideration !



  1. Mm
    I reali dont kno wat to comment abt
    ur story is reali nice.. i find it weird bcz of the whole girls n girls thing.. bas im tryin to get used to it..
    i kno tht wat u went thru was hard.. I mite not understand it fully but I also went thru it with a guy n got dumped on a text message.. not even a call or an explanation frm him.. he never gave me one.. n since tht day I never met or talked to him
    love is jus a four letter word.. yet is so deep .. once u fall into it.. its hard for u to get up on ur feet again n start walkin.. it took me so long to get over him.. and I did.. yet he's never left tht place in my heart..
    bas anyways.. I reali like ur story and I wud love u to complete it.. and I'll be with u inshallah thru the way.. just know tht even we're here to support u.. and tell u wat we think.. so.. yah.. thts it for now..
    love u

  2. Hamda =)
    i dont want to be tough on u.
    a9lan who am i to be tough or not !
    bs bagolich kalam as a sister ,
    no one can ever feel wat ur feeling
    no matter how hard u try to describe or tell us. Its good to say wat ur feeling
    bil 3aks its the first sign for changing,
    bs yemkin u chose the wrong place.
    I respect ur honesty in writing and sharing everything,
    but ur problem is not easy =( .
    this is not the perfect place
    U need to ind a solution with someone that can help u.
    am not telling u to stop wrting and then go and share it in somewhere else bad or worse !
    u must completely realize that wats happening in ur life is wrong
    in another words its 7aram =(
    i know enah yemkin u heard those words million times before, but try just for an hour to sit and think with ur self
    think about ur life, future,family
    kil shay.
    once it hit u , then ur gonna wake up.
    ur life is gonna change =)

    Hamda sis, if writing here is making u feel better then write.
    but its not the solution
    ur 20 something now
    are u gonna complete ur life like this until u reach 40.
    its never too late
    u can alwas change ur life

    Hamda la tez3eleen menii
    Wallah Wallah yalsa agool hal kalam min galbii
    min 5ofee 3alaich
    9a7 enah i dnt knw u
    bs entee BNT BLADII
    o laazim a5af 3alaich

    for the second time i tell u
    that i really realy respect u for sharing this
    at least ur not hiding like other

    Allah ywaafigch inshaAllah =)

  3. amazing story hamda..

    i apreciate what ur doing...

    this story is your story...

    only yours

    everyone goes through something

    some are easy and some are tough

    but u still get through it

    ur a strong girl for sharing this

    and ur story may be painful

    but u just taught us a new experience

    for all the readers out there

    this is something she shared with u

    so respect it

    even though its wrong o madree shu

    its still her life

    heya 5taarat to share it

    thanks again for this story hamda~

    i admire ur story alot

    keep goin

  4. 7amda ya 7amdeh,
    sho lazm asaweebch enty =P
    everyone has their opinions, mb shar6 u listen to each one bs it good to know other points of view and know what people think about a certain topic.
    i really have no idea what im saying a7een =P

  5. Dude ur story is amazing , waiting for more
    P.s 6af the comments n do what u think is right , m7d lh 59 feech
    Etha el story ma3ybtkm mb lazm t76on commebt or even read it:)

  6. u know how some ppl say they cant put themselves in their shoes .. well, that might be just one opinion .. i love the fact that u have the guts to write ur story ! it must be incredibly hard !! me and my friends love it !

    3jeeeba walla ! =P
    u dont have to listen to the ppl that just criticise u ! if they dont like it why bother and read the story ??!

    Keep it up Babe ! <3

  7. Keep the story going its okay what other ppl might think or comment y3ny 6aaf them :)

    if u feel good about writing and posting ur story then keep it up its really amazing

  8. Well your story is great so far, and i cant wait to read more.. Although i find girl-2-girl stuff disgusting .. bs b3ad a3rf el e7saas w chee .. ma3laih ignore the comments u get from "Critics" wallah a7s feech cz i've got one too T_T !! i mean why don't they mind their own business =_= !! etha mb 3aybnhom eshaay 3yaal laish ygroon ?! -.-

    el mhm keep it up =D

  9. wai3333333333333333333 shnu hathi .. loo3a ast'3faralla .. entyy shnu mn el bashr +o( alla yshfeech enshalla mn hal mara'6 elii entii feeh >.<

  10. a55 3alaich .. enty 9dg ma test7een 3a wayhech zain chii 5arabtii sm3at el emarateyat :@ ashkalech enty 9dg yebalhom 3laj -.- malat 3alaich _!_

  11. .. i love this

    my friend sent me this link just last night;
    for two months i've been an emotional wreck over a girl i met..

    i cant say i regret meeting her..
    but i know no matter how much she says she is;
    she isnt over her ex.

    i love her in ways i cannot even express...

    i love your story and applaud your bravery..

    from an avid and heartbroken reader <3 ..

    keep it coming !

  12. Its nice .. but not too exciting !
    but please post more (y) !

  13. ignore all the bad messages ... its good !
    its ur story so keep it up =D !

  14. Just ignore all the comments, as if it's gonna make a difference what they say, elmhm, it's been a year! Wainech inty? lol